How We Can Help

Often small businesses are run by visionaries with a "Big Picture" focus. However, the success in any business comes from the attention to detail and ensuring a smooth operation. Your clients need to believe that you are looking after your business the same way you will look after them.

LRoss Consulting can help determine what may be missing from your business as it is currently being run or what tweaks can be made to your existing processes to make your employees and clients feel that you have touched on all the key components to making your business a success.

What We Do

Organize and coordinate external resources and internal staff in a variety of functions including operations, finance, legal, tax and technology allowing management to focus on key sales and firm activities.

Ensure an effective control and operating structure to accommodate current operations and facilitate future growth.

  • Understand and identify operational business issues and develop and implement creative, strategic and logical solutions to resolve them
  • Develop relationships with any outside firm suppliers, vendors, software partners to ensure maximum efficiency between the two entities
  • Evaluate all existing financial components of the business and put systems in place to ensure the on-going efficiency of these processes
  • Staff hiring and implementation of on-going performance reviews for various positions
  • Working with firm bookkeeper to ensure financial analysis is current
  • Implement all office operations and administration including budgeting, auditing, human resources, legal, regulatory and corporate communications
  • Create superior standards for delivering excellent client service

Get in touch with LRoss Consulting, we can help.